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    Construction works to restore the façade and podium of Dumas House commenced on 8 March 2016, following the Department of Finance’s Building Management and Works awarding the construction contract to Duratec Australia.

    The works are addressing safety concerns and preventing further deterioration of the building’s structure. It is anticipated that they will be completed by mid 2018.

    Read recent updates in full here, including the planned schedule of works, and previous updates.

    Facelift for Government
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    The State Government’s iconic public service building, Dumas House, is receiving a facelift with restoration work to the facade and podium (the building base).

    The building, which received an extensive interior refurbishment in 2012, houses the Department of Finance, the Public Sector Commission, offices of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, the Department of Regional Development and most Government ministers.

    Opened in 1966 and Heritage Council of WA listed in 2000, the building has a structural steel frame and is clad in concrete and granite. The distinctive exterior of the office block's long north and south faces features balcony platforms with concrete columns extending two metres forward of the walls and windows from all 14 storeys.

    Over more than 50 years, the heat, cold, wind and rain have deteriorated the building's exterior in its exposed position north of Kings Park, the materials have reached the end of their useful life and need to be repaired or replaced.

    The work includes replacement of all spandrel panels (the pre-cast concrete front pieces of the balconies); improvements to the soffits (the ‘ceilings’ of the balcony platforms); and water proofing, drainage repairs and gutter improvements. On the narrow east and west faces of the building, damage to the glazed terracotta blocks will be remedied.

    Repairs are also required to the building podium which leaks rainwater into the uppermost of two basement levels underneath the building and forecourt.

    The project began with investigative works early in 2015 to determine the extent and nature of the repair and replacement works required.

    It is expected that remediation works may involve some noise disturbance to building occupants, however, this is being kept to a minimum wherever possible.

    Further updates on the progress of these works will be provided here.

    Please find a list of FAQs relating to these works below.

    Why does the facade and podium of Dumas House need to be restored?
    Over more than 50 years of exposure to the elements has weathered the building’s exterior to the extent that falling debris is posing a risk to the building's occupants and visitors. In addition, the condition of the facade has created the potential for deterioration of the building's structural frame. The ground floor slab waterproof membrane has deteriorated to the point that rain water leaks into the upper basement Public Sector Commission training rooms and the government media room.

    What work does the project include?
    Replacement of the pre-cast concrete front pieces of the balconies on each floor; improvements to the undersides of the balcony platforms; and water proofing, drainage repairs and gutter improvements. On the narrow east and west faces of the building, damage to the glazed terracotta blocks will be remedied. Repairs are also required to the building podium which leaks rainwater into the upper basement underneath the building and forecourt.

    Why are barriers and tunnels around the entrances being erected?
    To protect building occupants and visitors from the risk of falling facade debris while works are undertaken to restore the building’s facade.  These barriers will not unduly impact the existing entry points to the building.

    Is work also being carried out on the interior of Dumas House?
    No.  This project only involves remediation works to the exterior of the building.

    Will there be any disruption to normal activities inside the building?
    Efforts will be made to keep any disruptions to the interior of the building minimal. It is expected to be limited to some noise, and workers carrying out evaluation and repairs outside office windows from time to time. Tenants will be notified when work is starting outside their floors.

    How long will the works take?
    The completion of the works is dependent upon the extent of repairs required to the concrete and steel structural frame. This can only be determined once all the decorative elements are removed. Currently it is estimated works will be completed in mid 2018.

    Who do I contact for more information?

    Media enquiries can be directed via email to corporate.communications@finance.wa.gov.au and queries from the general public to Building Management and Works at bmwcomplaintsandfeedback@finance.wa.gov.au. Staff employed in the building can contact their departmental representative on the Dumas House Tenant Committee.

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