• Reconciliation Action Plan

    The Department of Finance is committed to a vision of reconciliation across the organisation which will guide it to making a positive contribution to Australia’s reconciliation journey.

    On Friday 13 July 2018, the Department launched its Reconciliation Action Plan 2018 – 2019, reinforcing its commitment to the ongoing promotion and understanding of our Aboriginal communities, cultures, heritage and aspirations.

    The plan is designed to nurture an inclusive corporate culture that values the contribution, skills and knowledge of all staff and promotes values embraced by, and significant to, Aboriginal employees.

    As a central agency within the Western Australian Government, Finance drives and influences whole-of-government policy aimed at helping the Aboriginal business sector improve its economic footprint.

    You can download a copy of the Reconciliation Action Plan here. A copy of the Reconciliation Action Plan can be provided in alternative formats on request.

    For enquiries, please contact Kate Ingham, Chair of Finance’s Reconciliation Committee, on Kate.Ingham@finance.wa.gov.au.