• First Home Owner Grant
    and Duty Concession

    Eligible first home buyers may be able to receive a grant towards the purchase of a new home.

    A duty concession may also be available for eligible first home buyers on a contract to purchase a new or established home or vacant land.

    See the details below to see if you qualify.

    about the grant
    • How much is the grant?
    • What is the cap on the value of the home?
    • Am I eligible?
    residence requirements
    • Moving in
    • Residence period
    • Change in my circumstances
    payment and rate
    • How and when will I be paid?
    • What is the first home owner rate of duty?
    your application
    • How do I apply?
    • Documentation required to support my application
    • What are my obligations and responsibilities?

    FAQs | FHOG Guide | Application Status


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