• Online Duties

    Online Duties allows you to lodge, self-assess approved dutiable transactions and pay duty in a monthly return.  See the benefits of using Online Duties.

    Currently only licensed WA settlement agents or lawyers can register to use Online Duties. 

    Please note, in order to utilise the Online Duties facility, settlement agents or lawyers must operate a trust account and hold the duty collected from taxpayers in accordance with clauses 12.1, 12.2 and 12.3 of the Special Tax Return Arrangement (Online Duties) Terms and Conditions.

    A list of records you are required to keep and provide for transaction purposes are detailed in Information Requirements.

    As of 1 January 2019, an additional 7% foreign buyers duty will be imposed on the dutiable value for certain transactions and landholder acquisitions involving foreign persons or entities acquiring residential property in Western Australia. All transactions executed on or after this date must include a completed Foreign Buyers Duty Declaration Form.

    Online Duties
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    Online Duties

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    Electronic Advice of Sale (EAS)

    EAS allows the submission of online requests for settlement information simultaneously to the Office of State Revenue, Landgate, the Water Corporation and some non-Water Corporation service providers to receive online rates and tax information.

    For further information, or to subscribe to the EAS service and receive an EAS Agent ID, visit the Landgate website.

    Revenue Online enables you to retrieve data that you previously entered into the EAS system when making enquiries on rates and taxes for settlement purposes by entering a known EAS Job Identity, searching the EAS system to locate an unknown EAS Job Identity, and auto-loading all relevant property and party details into the assessing screen (buyer, seller, land details and consideration).

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    Benefits of using Online Duties

    Increased efficiency

    • Lodge and pay returns electronically
    • Instant updates from Office of State Revenue through messaging facilities
    • In-house processing reduces the turnaround time for assessments
    • Automatically receive our bi-monthly e-Newsletter keeping you informed about legislative changes, publications and upcoming training
    • Ability to modify returns and documents electronically
    • The possibility of a mismatch between the return and the payment is eliminated
    • Register for Christmas Island and/or Cocos Islands

    Administrative costs are reduced

    • No need to write individual cheques
    • Postage delays and manual processing errors can be avoided
    • No upfront or ongoing costs

    Client control

    • Authorised Person or Administrator maintains control of who can process transactions, lodge returns and make payments
    • You prioritise transactions to ensure deadlines are met
    • Future date lodgment and payments
    • A detailed history of every transaction is kept in one place for audit purposes

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