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The Gateway review process

A Gateway review gives agencies the opportunity to obtain an independent perspective on their program or project prior to a key decision point (referred to as a gate).

A review:

  • adds independent insights to controls and processes used by agencies to plan, procure and implement projects
  • identifies risks associated with project or program delivery
  • confirms stakeholders buy-in and their understanding of the project's or program's benefits
  • disciplines project or program teams to prepare documentation that demonstrates accountability for decisions, approvals and management of the project or program
  • clarifies roles and responsibilities for project or program governance and deliverables
  • gives the Senior Responsible Officer (SRO) confidence to action intervention on issues that impact project or program success.

Gateway reviews across Australia and New Zealand have improved cost and time overruns for programs and projects, are viewed as cost effective and receive strong positive feedback from SROs.

Six decision points, or gates, guide the Gateway suite of reviews.

1 Strategic Assessment Assesses a project's or program's potential to succeed
2 Business Case Confirms that the project or program is achievable and likely to deliver the intended outcome
3 Readiness for Market Investigates the assumptions made in the business case and the proposed approach for project or program delivery, including the procurement strategy.
4 Tender Decision Ensures that the tender evaluation has been performed transparently and according to the required procedures.
5 Readiness for Service Investigates the agency's readiness to make the transition from the solution to implementation.
6 Benefits Evaluation Examines what arrangements have been set up to manage the service and benefits derived from the project or program over its operating phase, including any associated contract management.

Read more about these gates in Gateway structured methodology.

Where a Gateway review is mandated the Department of Finance will work with the SRO to determine which of the six reviews to complete. Reviews should be completed at least 4-6 weeks prior to a program or project’s key decision point, to allow for recommendations to be incorporated in the project plan.

A team of three to four experienced, independent reviewers, from the public and private sector, conduct the review. They examine project or program documents, interview stakeholders and prepare a confidential report for the SRO with recommendations to enhance project or program delivery. Each review takes between three to five days - dependent on the complexity of the project or program and number of stakeholders involved.

Each review follows a set process, captured in a workbook that is completed throughout the course of the review. 


PDF Gateway Structured Methodology


PDF Gateway Overview - helping your project to succeed.

PDF Strategic Assessment of a Program

PDF Strategic Assessment of a Project

PDF Business Case

PDF Readiness for Market

PDF Tender Decision

PDF Readiness for Service

PDF Benefits Evaluation


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