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Responsible Supplier Pact

As part of the Public Sector Reform Program, the Department of Finance is leading the Enhance Public Sector Procurement project. This project comprises of a series of initiatives aimed at addressing the recommendations from multiple reviews into Government procurement, as well as maximising social and economic outcomes through Government spend.

As part of this project, the Department of Finance has been asked to develop an Ethical Procurement Framework, which will help to ensure that the Western Australian Government does business with suppliers who act ethically.

Phase one of the Ethical Procurement Framework is the development of a set of principles and a supplier code of conduct – together the Responsible Supplier Pact. 

We would now like your feedback on the Responsible Supplier Pact.

What is the Responsible Supplier Pact?

The Western Australian Government is committed to ethical, inclusive and sustainable procurement and seeks to do business with suppliers who share this commitment.  The Responsible Supplier Pact is a set of principles and a supplier code of conduct that outline the minimum ethical standards that suppliers will aspire to meet when doing business with the State.

What effect will the Responsible Supplier Pact have on suppliers?

The Responsible Supplier Pact clearly expresses expected standards of behaviour; most are consistent with current legislative or contractual obligations, while some are simply good business practice.

Phase two of the Ethical Procurement Framework will look more closely at ways the State can work with its suppliers to meet and exceed the standards set out in the Responsible Supplier Pact.

Who can I provide feedback to?

The Procurement Reform team at the Department of Finance welcomes your feedback.  Email feedback to

When would you like my feedback?

Submit feedback by Wednesday 3 July 2019.


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