Department of Finance

Our Digital Strategy 2018-2022

Our Digital Vision

Our digital vision aims to support the achievement of the strategic business vision for the Department and reinforce whole-of-government aspirations.

“A digital department, collaboratively designed to deliver benefits, empower our customers and inspire our people.”

What Our Digital Strategy Means


For Community

Finance will increase its focus on transitioning more services online to provide greater convenience and efficiency; reduce cost of service; and deliver more value for taxpayers. We are committed to partnering with users in the co-design of digital services and tailoring solutions that meet the needs of individuals. Digital services will have clearly stated service expectations, and community outcomes will be more transparent.


For Businesses

Finance will invest in technology that makes it easier for businesses to transact. We will work to establish platforms that facilitate more flexible and efficient business processes to connect government needs with businesses in an open and competitive manner. We will use our data to stimulate business opportunities and engage with businesses that are able to innovate to meet government priorities and/or help solve departmental problems.


For Government and Agencies

Digital initiatives will provide clearly demonstrable benefits aligned with the Government’s direction. Finance will apply digital tools to efficiently deliver services to other agencies. Automated interactions will lead to increased revenue and further enable analytics to enhance compliance and inform policy-making. We will support the sector and create a rich source of information that the Government can leverage for continuous improvement.


For Our Staff

Finance’s digital capabilities will elevate and enable our qualified and experienced workforce to offer improved customer services, and to focus on more valuable, complex and difficult challenges. We will support a dynamic and mobile workforce, enabled by technology that simply ‘works’, and reliant on automated processes that meet business needs.

Our Digital Goals

Finance has established five strategic goals that contribute to the achievement of its 2022 digital vision and support the aspirations of the State’s ICT Strategy ‘Digital WA’ - to Simplify, Inform and Connect.

Our Digital Strategy on a Page

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