Department of Finance

About Us

The Department of Finance was established on 1 July 2011 from the previous Department of Treasury and Finance.

Finance’s central government role is unique, driving whole-of-government policy and influencing strategy, while also delivering practical outcomes for the community of Western Australia. This unusual blend of focus on policy, as well as service delivery, provides the foundation for Finance to play a pivotal role in enabling the Government to achieve better outcomes for Western Australians.

What We Do

  • Advise government on strategic sector-wide policy and operational issues
  • Provide asset management advice and services across government, including leading the planning and delivery of major projects
  • Manage government office accommodation from a portfolio perspective to drive sector-wide efficiencies
  • Lead procurement policy and capability building, whole-of-government contracting and high-value procurement
  • Deliver fair and efficient administration of revenue laws and payment of grants and subsidies to the community.

Our Businesses

  • Strategic Projects is responsible for the planning and delivery of major projects that are considered to be of significant importance to the State
  • Building Management and Works lead the management, planning and delivery of new non-residential government buildings, building maintenance and office accommodation
  • Government Procurement lead procurement policy, whole-of-government contracting and high-value-procurement for agencies
  • State Revenue is dedicated to the administration of revenue, grant and subsidy schemes for community benefit.

All these functions are supported by the Corporate Services business, which provides services that support and add value to the Department in the areas of Human Resources Management, Finance and Information and Communications Technology.

Strategy and Coordination is a small team providing direct support to the Director General and the Corporate Executive in the management of strategic matters across the business and in the coordination of whole-of-Department activities and initiatives.


The ABN for Department of Finance is 99593347728 .


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