• Market-led Proposals

    Market-led Proposals provide an innovative opportunity for Government and the private sector to work together to create jobs and stimulate the economy in Western Australia.

    A Market-led Proposal is a proposal from the private sector to government to:

    • build and/or finance infrastructure;
    • provide goods or services;  or
    • purchase a government-owned asset,

    where government has not requested the proposal.

    The Market-led Proposals Policy is designed to enable you to submit your business' unique proposal to government. The Market-led Proposals Policy provides a single channel and a clear, consistent and transparent process.

    The Policy incorporates feedback received during the public consultation period in mid-2018. The Market-led Proposals Policy Consultation Report details the process and outcomes of this consultation.

    Initial meeting

    Potential proponents are encouraged to attend a meeting with the Market-led Proposals Secretariat prior to submitting a Market-led Proposal. The benefit of meeting prior to lodging a proposal is it ensures you have the correct information and format for your proposal, which will assist us in assessing your proposal more efficiently. You are welcome to provide a verbal outline of your idea; gain greater understanding of the process; and consider whether to lodge your proposal – we are here to assist you.

    To get the most out of your meeting, proponents are encouraged to please read the Market-led Proposals Policy and Supplementary Guidelines prior to ensure you have a good understanding of the process.

    In order to arrange an initial meeting, please contact the Secretariat.

    Preparing and submitting your Market-led Proposal

    To assist you to prepare your proposal, read the Market-led Proposals Policy and Supplementary Guidelines. These documents outline key information, including:

    • end-to-end process;
    • the level of information required at each stage;
    • responsibilities; and
    • how your proposal will be assessed against evaluation criteria.

    The first step is to complete a high-level summary of your proposal using the Pre-qualification Template and submit it to the Secretariat. Your proposal must provide a level of detail that matches the complexity of your submission and a brief description on how it will meet each of the following evaluation criteria:

    1. Is aligned with government policy objectives and priorities. For example, aligned to the Government’s Our Priorities and/or other government strategies/plans;
    2. Has significant social, environmental, economic or financial benefits for Western Australians;
    3. Represents value for money for Western Australians and is affordable in the context of State Budget priorities;
    4. Is feasible (including financially) and the proponent has the financial and technical capacity, capability and experience to deliver the outcome successfully;
    5. The risks to government (financial, reputational and/or security) are acceptable and there is an appropriate allocation of risk between the proponent and government; and
    6. Is justified for exclusive negotiation as the outcomes are not likely to be obtained using standard competitive processes and within acceptable timeframes.

    More information on each of these criteria is outlined in the Supplementary Guidelines. For guidance on completing the Pre-qualification Template or to determine whether your proposal is likely to meet the evaluation criteria, please contact the Secretariat.

    Following receipt of your proposal, you may be asked to attend a pre-qualification meeting with relevant government agencies and government trading enterprises.

    You will be advised of the outcome of the pre-qualification review once the Market-led Proposals Steering Committee or Lead Agency has made a decision. Outcomes may include being:

    1. invited to submit a Stage 1 Proposal;
    2. directed to an alternative government process; or
    3. advised your proposal is unsuccessful.

    In most cases, we will aim to advise you of the outcome within three months of submitting your proposal.


    A summary of each proposal and the outcome of the evaluation at the end of Stages 1, 2 and 3 will be published online.

    Market-led Proposals Documents


    Supplementary Guidelines

    FAQ Document

    Consultation Report

    Pre-qualification Template (PDF)

    Contact Information

    For further inquiries or assistance contact the Market-led Proposals Secretariat:


    Ph: 6551 1108